Reliable Dental Services

The Dental Care You Deserve

There are many reasons to let Dr. Richard A. Gaw, DDS take care of your teeth. One of the most important ones is the superior comfort that his dental office delivers. He has invested in a number of resolutions to make his practice more cutting edge and enjoyable, including a state-of-the-art dental office, the latest in dental technology, and a dedicated oral surgery room.

For some dental services such as dental implants and gum treatment, Dr. Gaw uses laser technology that ensures a more comfortable experience than any drill can provide. The dental office also has three different sedation practices (nitrous oxide, oral sedation/pill, and I.V.) to ensure maximum comfort if surgery proves necessary. Furthermore, his technicians and other staff are highly trained and take pride in delivering on Dr. Gaw’s promise of great service. Our dental office in Nashville, TN remains committed to making every appointment as relaxing as possible.